Siding & Gutters


Gutters are a vital part of a home’s exterior – and is imperative for the removal of storm water from your roofing system! Damaged, old or defective gutter systems can cause problems for any property owner.

Questions to consider when deciding on new gutters:

  • Do you have spots underneath the gutter that drip during rainstorms?
  • Do you clean your gutters every fall from surrounding trees?
  • Do you see icicles every winter?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is time to give us a call!

Gutter Guards

It is time consuming and is dangerous to clean your gutters every spring and fall. At Great American Roofing Company, we suggest a permanent resolution to this problem: gutter guards! We offer a full line of gutter guard systems! CALL US TODAY to see how we may help you!

Roofing, Siding, and Gutters go together – Depending on the slope & layout of a roof, gutters are prone to excess wear-and-tear during installation of a roof. Each job is different, but many times we do recommend new gutters. Our salesmen will explain & answer any questions you have regarding the condition of your gutters. Whether it is a quick gutter repair or a new gutter system, Great American Roofing Company does it all!


  • Gutters & Leaders

    A superior gutter and leader system is essential to maintaining the integrity of your home. Without gutters, excess water can gather and erode the foundation of your home. Gutters can also prevent water from leaking into your basement. New Jersey Roofers recommends this system for homes that were built on flat land or land with poor drainage. We recognize each situation is unique. Don’t leave your home open to the elements, contact us today to find out about our gutter and leader options.

  • Siding

    A siding job can make or break your home. For example, if you are trying to sell, a siding job may be the edge in the market you need. Siding can dramatically increase the curb appeal of your home. Or perhaps you are looking to make your home eco-friendly? Siding is still the way to go. Siding will keep your home insulated and in turn you will consume less energy and emit less carbon. You will also save money on your heating bill! If that is not enough financial incentive, think about the costs you will be eliminating, such as, painting, staining, repair, and touch ups. When it comes to siding, New Jersey Roofers provides quality and durability that will last for years to come.


Great American Roofing Company is one of the premier siding and roofing contractor in Central New Jersey, you can count on us to offer and install high-quality products at affordable rates for all your vinyl siding needs.

We proudly specialize in the installation of Hardie Siding products. SINCE 1888, James Hardie has been a global leader in the production of top-quality interior and exterior building products, and their siding products are top quality and one of the best in the world.

The days of scraping and repainting your home every few years are over! If you have not realized the advantages of vinyl siding, or if you are moving to a new home and want it sided, Great American Roofing Company can manage any size project from the smallest of homes to large commercial building needs. As one of the premier siding and roofing contractors in Central NJ, you can count on our expert installers to offer high-quality solutions and affordable prices. There are many benefits to integrating siding on your home or business, not the least of which is the value it almost always adds. CALL US TODAY FOR a FREE ESTIMATE!

Benefits of Siding

With the costs of maintaining your property on the rise, it’s critical to focus on improvement projects that not only boost the “curb appeal” of your house or business but the value of it as well. Vinyl siding can achieve both goals, as well as improve your property’s energy efficiency. Vinyl siding has the additional benefit of lower maintenance, as it requires virtually no upkeep.

Great American Roofing Company is your safest choice for improvements such as roofing, siding, windows, or gutters in Central New Jersey, thanks to our staff of skilled installers and our attention to every detail! Combine that with our competitive pricing and you will be completely satisfied with the results of your project! As your dependable and reliable roofing & siding contractor, we can advise you on the best type, color, and style of siding to choose. CALL US TODAY FOR YOUR FREE ESTIMATE.